The 10-Minute Self-Care Check-In | Download Now

The 10-Minute Self-Care Check-In
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Want to strengthen a woman’s belief in herself, the power of her values, and the grit to manage the unexpected? Give her five minutes. Because even if all you have is five minutes, you can make it the best five minutes that ever was. All you have to do is give yourself permission to take […]

Count to twenty for the clarity, courage, and change to live for you. ve been feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and isolated lately, the idea of finding fulfillment and balance may seem like ‘just another thing you have to do.’ We dream for the before/after Christmas miracle that will slice a clear dividing line between the ‘old’ […]

I’m Amanda Nowak.

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Get clarity on where you’re at in your life (and where you want to be) with this check-in and journaling exercise.

I built a 7-figure business, but I hated my life — until I learned how to outsmart overwhelm and design a life of fulfillment. I’d love to teach you how to do it, too.



The 10-Minute Self-Care Check-In