The 10-Minute Self-Care Check-In | Download Now

The 10-Minute Self-Care Check-In
 Download Now

Ready to reclaim your time, find balance, and feel more fulfilled?

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Your career or business looks great on paper, but… is this what success is supposed to feel like?

You’re exhausted, but can’t hit the ‘off’ button - how will everything get done?

You’re too busy wearing all the hats, even if they don’t quite fit, to focus on your zone of genius.

You’re afraid. Of letting everyone down. Of failure. Of never feeling fulfilled.

You can’t remember what fun feels like.

You know something needs to change, but you have no idea where to start.

Does this
sound like you?

Get unstuck with a clear vision and path forward.

Wake up each day feeling energized and excited, instead of stressed and heavy.

Work less, without sacrificing success.

Create the space in your day for what matters most to you.

Reignite your passion for work, or pivot to find what truly fills your cup.

Now, imagine if you could…

This 1:1 coaching program is designed to help you move from overwhelm to clarity and fulfillment. With an individualized approach designed to meet you where you’re at (and a practical touch of woo), we’ll create a safe space to explore what you really want.

The 3-Month Coaching Intensive


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— aga a.

"There comes a point in everyone's career when you may feel unsettled and need a change. Working through the possibilities with a coach is a game changer. Through a series of questions and challenges, Amanda guided me on a self-discovery journey that unearthed new insights and gave me clarity on my next career move. Her compassion and professionalism created a safe space for honest conversations. She made me feel heard and supported throughout the process. If you are willing to do the work, I highly recommend her coaching program”.

— Maggie J.

“Working with Amanda has been so good for me professionally and personally. Through our biweekly meet-ups, Amanda has kept me accountable on a number of projects and helped me find solutions to thorny problems. Simply having the deadline of our meetings keeps me on task, but Amanda's style of coaching (firm, but friendly and always with suggestions) keeps me motivated.”

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I’m here to support you each step of the way. Reach out anytime and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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In our bi-weekly calls, we’ll clarify what a life of fulfillment looks like to you and design a path forward. I believe the biggest revelations come from an authentic, judgment-free space. My goal is not to preach or tell you what I would do - it’s to help you find what’s right for YOU.

6 One–on-One Coaching Sessions


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What’s included:



Get extra support (and tools you can use beyond our time together) with resources tailored to your needs.

Tools, Worksheets, and Resources


I’m Amanda Nowak

I built a successful, 7-figure business from the ground up. 

But I was miserable.

Until I learned how to redesign my business and life in a way that gave me space and lit me up. Now, I coach overwhelmed female entrepreneurs and leaders to find the clarity they need to create that same fulfillment.

We’ll audit how you spend your time to identify how you can make your life easier and more aligned with your values. And we’ll make a plan to delegate tasks that don’t fit into your zone of genius.

Optimizing Your Biz (And Life)

When we think about wellness, we generally think of two types: physical and mental. In reality, there are eight! They don’t have to be equally balanced - it’s all about creating a “personal harmony” that feels authentic to you. We’ll uncover your core values to discover what that looks like for you.

Clarifying Values

My coaching style is tailored to focus on the unique values and needs of each client, but generally, we’ll touch on these areas.

Here’s how it works:

The only way to create sustainable change is to have the right tools and goals in place. We’ll look at what habits are serving you vs. holding you back, create healthier boundaries, and lay the groundwork for fulfillment.

Setting Habits, Boundaries, & Goals

It’s time to take your life back.

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