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The 10-Minute Self-Care Check-In
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I help overwhelmed women find the clarity they need to create balance and fulfillment in their lives.

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Are you ready to stop burning the candle at both ends and start living a life you love? 


But I was miserable.

Until I learned how to redesign my business and life in a way that gave me space and lit me up. Now, I coach women to find the clarity they need to create that same fulfillment.

I built a successful, 7-figure business from the ground up. 

I’m Amanda Nowak

There’s a path forward from chaos to clarity.

Are you ready to make a change?

Success Can Be Peaceful


Let me guess, outwardly it looks like you’re killing it. You demonstrate all the markers of success and seem to have it all… on paper. So why does it feel like you’re just surviving instead of thriving?

After all, this is what you wanted, right?

The truth is, wellness is a balancing act. Neglect any area of your life and, over time, your health, well-being, and quality of life will start to suffer. When we’re overwhelmed, we tend to prioritize everything and everyone besides ourselves - leading to more stress.

But you don’t have to just “deal with” overwhelm. You can restructure your life in a way that gives you space and fulfillment.

— aga a.

"There comes a point in everyone's career when you may feel unsettled and need a change. Working through the possibilities with a coach is a game changer. Through a series of questions and challenges, Amanda guided me on a self-discovery journey that unearthed new insights and gave me clarity on my next career move. Her compassion and professionalism created a safe space for honest conversations. She made me feel heard and supported throughout the process. If you are willing to do the work, I highly recommend her coaching program”.

— Maggie J.

“Working with Amanda has been so good for me professionally and personally. Through our biweekly meet-ups, Amanda has kept me accountable on a number of projects and helped me find solutions to thorny problems. Simply having the deadline of our meetings keeps me on task, but Amanda's style of coaching (firm, but friendly and always with suggestions) keeps me motivated.”

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Banish overwhelm and design a life of fulfillment.